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Da Nang city more and more increasingly focuses on the development of F&B – particularly restaurants – for visitors can have the most optimal experiences. Let’s discover about TOP10 Da Nang famous restaurants with us now.


1. Lille Tokyo – Japanese restaurant chain system

With the motto, “encapsulating all the most unique features of the land of cherry blossoms, giving you the atmosphere of Tokyo breath”, Little Tokyo builds architecture too close to Japanese culture from photos of lanterns, cherry blossoms, Koi-fish, to the artists, the girls wearing Yukana,… Moreover, the design of these artful textures on black-red tones will give you a warm space cozy which is so suitablue for hanging out with friends and family after a hard studying and working day.

Inheriting the spirit of “Minimalism” of Japanese, the food looks simple but elaborately prepared with extremely meticulous processing steps, which require extreme precision: alignment temperature, pressure, thickness in each fish fiber, meat fiber, freshness of vegetables … With the hands of skilled chefs, the food is very delicous. The dish is always hot, fresh and delicately blended among the flavors to create an irresistible appeal. Surely you will come back because the cuisine of this restaurant is great.

Let watch the Little Tokyo restaurant‘s space through Chiic Digital‘s video.

2. Blue whale Restaurant

This Da Nang restaurant has an e-co chic design, close to nature, and famous for elaborate seafood dishes. It is a nice place for you to enjoy with friends, partners or organize parties and events, or simply a warm family meal.


3. Ngoc Suong Restaurant

Ngoc Suong restaurant has a cozy space, suitable for family, friends gathering or meeting partners. Located in a Green Island villa area with a good location, a parking lot and a fairly spacious restaurant space. Ngọc Sương restaurant is famous for a variety of menu such as: the fish salad, elderberry steamed rice, fried snails with coconut, boneless duck

4. My Hanh seafood restaurant

No need to argue about the famous of this restaurant anymore. My Hanh has a diversified menu of prices and dishes. Delicious seafood dishes such as grilled oysters, fried squid, clam tamarind sauce … The sea view location is quite standard for a fun evening.

5. Tran Specialty Restaurant

This Da Nang restaurant is designed with striking space, a diverse menu from simple dishes such as Quang noodle, beo cake, pineapple cake, banh giay, bun mam … and more special cuisine. Especially, the best-seller “pork roll rice paper” surely make visitors remember at the first time.

6. Ba Thoi seafood chain system

With 30 years of experience in the F&B industry, Bà Thôi never makes you disappointed when coming to this restaurant. This restaurant is famous for a variety of seafood menu such as: the fish salad, elderberry steamed rice….

7. Akataiyo The Red Sun

This Japanese restaurant is right in the center, so it is extremely easy to find. The extremely spacious Akataiyo space with very friendly and courteous staff will give you a comfortable and natural feeling to enjoy the exquisite and delicious dishes at the restaurant.

8. Memory Lounge Restaurant

The restaurant was built according to the 5-star standard with a capacity of 350, divided into 3 areas: Restaurant, Bar and 3 luxurious private rooms giving customers a lot of choices. In particular, diners come here are also directed the good music repertoire, “quality” from the famous vocalists in the area and across the country.

9. Thai Market Restaurant

Located on the road to the Walking Street, Thai Market makes visitors cannot help but look back because of the breath-taking 80s architecture, deeply nostalgic but no less shimmering, romantic. Along with the beautiful space, Thai Market also brings a genuine Thai party with all kinds of sour – spicy – sweet dishes made from fresh ingredients every day and spices imported directly from Chiangmai Thailand.

10. Lam Vien Restaurant

If you love nature and simplicity, Lam Vien restaurant will be an extremely interesting destination. Famously designed in the style of the Central Highlands with large space, this will be the ideal destination for dating, family gatherings and meeting friends. The menu of the restaurant is quite diverse, including Vietnamese and Western dishes for customers with many choices.

Have you kept an eye on any restaurant in the list of TOP10 Da Nang famous restaurants we mentioned? If you’re still wondering, why not come to Little Tokyo right away to experience the best Japanese cuisine and spaces!

𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 – Japanese restaurant chain system
⛩ Little Tokyo Da Nang
Address: 11 Phan Boi Chau, Danang
⛩ Little Tokyo Hoi An
Address: 21 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoian
⛩ Little Tokyo in Bana Hills
Address: An Son Hamlet – Hoa Vang – Da Nang
⛩ Little Tokyo in Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An
Address: Booth number GH17 – Vinpearland – Hoi An
Hotline: 02363 550 322